TRU LABS International Warranty Information

For Warranty and repair service outside of the USA, please send your product directly to your countries authorized TRU Labs distributor for your service needs.

As a customer you do have the option to send your product directly back to the factory in the USA. You will be responsible for all shipping costs, taxes, and duties to and from the USA. Return shipping charges and fee's must be paid by credit card with a signed credit card authorization form prior to return shipment. This includes shipping costs, customs fee's, duties, local and government import/export tax's, broker's fee's and any other misc. fee that could be added by your local government or other international agencies.

International warranty shipments will not be accepted without a proper return authorization number, sales receipt documentation from an authorized international retailer or distributor.

Any international shipments not received with all incoming duties and customs fee's prepaid will immediately be refused and returned to the sender. 

If the product is not covered under warranty, you will be notified of the repair costs and said costs must be paid before any service is made on the product.